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Photo by Benoît Lajudie


Jürgen Pösse is a german based street photographer, acting since several years mostly in Paris.

A clear focus on his work is driven by classical street photography with people or scenes in their native area or in native behaviour. But not only people are in foreground of his work, people could also be just a component in an overall context. Influenced on one hand by great photographers like Doisneau or Cartier-Bresson but on other hand highly driven by classical film noir atmosphere, all his work is in general black and white but also playing with colours black and white or "noir et blanc" in the pictures itself.

Observing the pictures, he wants to give a  feeling that everybody would be able to find similar situations and views by his own in those streets.

He is founder of collectif75009, a union of 5 photographers from 4 different nations who decided to work in future closer together and to bundle their activities.


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